Marble Surface

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 In this activity, all obstacles causing hindrance in construction / laying pipeline are removed. Entire ROU is graded for movement of equipments and vehicles. Temporary approaches/bridges, if required, are constructed for movement of equipment vehicles and personnel.


It is the process of digging with the help of jcb, poklane.

the trenching must be in v shape.

Pipe laying

 Pipe laying is the process by which long sections of pipe are installed and aligned so that they can be welded together. Pipelines may be put in above ground, below ground, and under water. This process is typically performed by professional construction workers who are specifically trained to lay pipe.


In this step the ditch is filled so will soil to make the ground plain and the pipe level is consistent 

Line Marking

To make the trench straight we perform line making.

it is performed to make sure that the trench is in straight


Pipe joining

In this step two pipe are connect with the help of clamp,

scootni etc.

Hydro Testing

In this the compressed air or water is injected in the pipe to make sure the joined are properly sealed.

Final restoration

In this the ground is restored to it previous state.


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Joint blasting

This process is perform after joining with the help of compressor machine to remove any dust particle and moisturize the joint. 

first padding

In this step the soft soil is applied and the quantity is around 300 mm.


In this step the coating slave is wrapped around the joint by heating 

Warning matt

this step is performed after the first padding in the the warning matt is laid


In this the pipe in laid inside the trench with the help of side boom.

Back filling

In the the whole ditch is filled and the ground is filled to make it plain.